Contents Nr 4, 2014




Adriana Iordache, Free Speech in the Jurisprudence of the Romanian Constitutional Court: between Personal Dignity and Anti-Discrimination

Elena Lazăr, Sexuality issue in the prison system in the light of the European Convention of Human Rights

Gabriel Andreescu, The Expulsion of some Writers’ Union of Romania Members. Ethical and legal aspects

Cristian Nuică, The juridical nature of the National Council for Combating Discrimination: areas of criminal liability and delictual civil liability in matters of non-discrimination


NCCD Decision on religion-based discrimination through Governmental Emergency Ordinance

NCCD Decision on the failure to provide appropriate public transportation to persons with locomotor disabilities

NCCD Decision on discriminatory statements regarding persons infected with HIV/AIDS


Lord David Neuberger, What’s in a name?” – Privacy and anonymous speech on the Internet


Diana Botău, The case Atudorei v. Romania

Dragoș Nicolae Costescu, Summary of European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence: July-December 2014


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