Contents Nr 1, 2007



Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, The Re-Criminalization of Insult and Calumny in Constitutional Jurisprudence 

Gabriel Andreescu, The „Logic” of a Constitutional Court Decision

Aurora Martin, The Violation of the Rights of Women During Armed Conflicts

Alina Gentimir, Genocide as an International Crime



The CNCD Decision on the Seniority of Judges and Prosecutors

The CNCD Decision on Discrimination in a Competition for the Promotion of Judges and Prosecutors

The CNCD Decision on the Award of a Subsidy upon Employment

The CNCD Decision on Declaring a Person Suffering of Breast Cancer as Unfit for the Office of a Judge

The CNCD Decision on Differential Treatment in Awarding Wage Increases Based on Seniority



Dr. David Matas, Dr. David Kilgour

Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China



Diana Olar, Recent Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Dan Claudiu Dănişor, Elena Mădălina Nica, Comment on the Decision of the Constitutional Court no. 61 of 18 January 2007



Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, Some Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning