Contents Nr 2, 2005




Corneliu -Liviu Popescu, Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe Opinion on the Law and Practice of Decommunization in Central and Eastern States

William Totok, Dilemma on Stasi heritage

Gabriel Andreescu, Debates on Colaborationism and the Pressure on the Freedom of Speech

Dezideriu Gergely, Moldovan and others vs. Romania or „The Hădăreni Case, from Incident to the Administration of Justice, from Domestic Courts to the European Court of Human Rights”



Iustina Ionescu, Is the Marriage of Same-Sex Couples a Juridical Issue?

Non-discrimination with the European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence



Valentina Marinescu, Valentina Procopie, The Access of Women at the Labor Market 



The Jurisprudence of the National Council for Combating Discrimination - Structural  Discrimination

On the Nonconstitutionality of Art.7, (3) and (4) Law No. 67/2004 on Local Elections and Art. 19, (3) Law No. 14/2003 on Political Parties