Contents Nr 3, 2005




Corneliu Bîrsan, The Admissibility of Individual Complains to the European Court for Human Rights After All Domestic Remedies Have Been Exhausted

Dan Claudiu Dănişor, Is the Constitutional Justice Legitimate? 

Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, The European Court for Human Rights Caselaw on Decommunization in Central and Eastern States

Gabriel Andreescu, Denying Gregorian Bivolaru’s Extradition. Beyond the judges opinion



Georgiana Fusu, Right to Defend and Access to Justice 



Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate, Environment Impact on Child Work and Child Risk Situations



Denying Gregorian Bivolaru’s Extradition


Exception of Unconstitutionality of Art.7. (3) and (4), Law No. 67/2004 on Election Law

Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, Ruling of the European Court for Human Rights on the Violation by the Russian Federation of the Right to Life of Civilians in the Chechen Non-International Army Conflict