Contents Nr 3, 2006




Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, Systematic Violations in Special Laws on the Privilege of Client-Attorney Confidentiality

Valentin Constantin, Is There an European Acquis in the Field of Fundamental Rights?

Csabo Astalosz, Putting in Place a Complementary System to Prevent and Fight Acts of Discrimination

Gabriel Andreescu, Unmasking the Communist Political Police. Latest Developments 



Aurora Martin, Intellectual Property on Europe’s Doorstep

CNCD Decision concerning articles published on the website of the New Right organization

CNCD Decision on a song dedicated to the Steaua football club

CNCD Decision on the promotional flier of the Flanco company



The Pro Europe League, Racial Discrimination in the Counties of Arad, Cluj, Harghita, Sibiu and Timiş



Guide on International Protection: Putting an End to the Refugee Status

Guiding Principles of International Protection: Membership in a Social Group

Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, Review of Corneliu Bîrsan, Convenţia europeană a drepturilor omului. Comentariu pe articole (The European Convention of Human Rights. An Article-by-Article Commentary)

Emil Moise, The Experience of a High School Professor of Civics


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Path of the Law