Contents Nr 4, 2007




Corneliu-Liviu Popescu, The Conviction of Romania by the European Court of Human Rights for the Unconventionality of the Judicial Procedure for Misdemeanors

Lucian Bojin, The Freedom of the Press v. the Authority of Justice. Dworkin's Principles and a Re-reading of the Sunday Times Decision 

Gabriel Andreescu, Textbooks: Discrimination or Indoctrination?

Iulia Voina-Motoc, Human Rights and the Human Genome



The CNCD Decision concerning Graduates in the Full Attendance and ID Programs

The CNCD Decision concerning a Case of Discrimination based on Age

The CNCD Decision concerning the Violation of the Right to Public Information in the Mother Tongue

The CNCD Decision concerning the Discrimination of Persons of Bahá’í Faith

The Decision of the Bucharest Court of Appeals concerning the Regulation of Religious Displays in Public Educational Institutions



Recommendation 1735 (2006). The Concept of a "Nation"

Adrian Severin, Observations on the Draft Report concerning the Concept of a "Nation"



Doina Olar, The Cases Great Orient of Italy v. Italy (nr. 2) and Hasan and Eylem Zengin v. Turkey



Benjamin N. Cardozo, The Judicial Process (II)