Contents No 4, 2015




Gabriel Andreescu, “The anti-legionary law” as a matter of ethics of memory

Laura-Maria Crăciunean, The constitutionality and conventionality control in Romania: on the legal interest of the justice seekers 

Elena Lazăr, La protection de la propriété intellectuelle dans le système de la Convention EDH

Măriuca Oana Constantin, The cultural identity – a potential mitigating circumstance? The use of cultural defenses in Romanian criminal trials


Opinion regarding the actions of the singer of the band KARPATIA

Opinion regarding the actions of Mr. Csibi Barna

NCCD Decision on the Hungarian-only webpage of Joseni City Hall

NCCD Decision on the discrimination of the petitioner in the workplace based on his disability

NCCD Decision on violating the rights of citizens of other nationalities

NCCD Decision on differential treatment based on union membership

NCCD Decision on the violation of the right to work through acts of harassment

NCCD Decision on the demotion of the petitioner based on gender

NCCD Decision on the impossibility of applying for an open position because of a professional requirement

NCCD Decision on reserving the parking spaces for the mayor, deputy mayor, city hall secretary, city councilors


Diana Botău, Case Metin Gültekin et al v. Turkey


Lordul Neuberger de Abbotsbury, The equity of human rights


Dragoş Nicolae COSTESCU, The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: October-December 2015


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